Fulbright-Radboud Scholarships for American Students in Netherlands, 2018

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Fulbright is one of the world’s foremost authority on education. The educational programs and scholarships offered by the organization exceed the conceivable. Fulbright works with online universities and helps students acquire university online degrees. In addition, Fulbright have representation in all regions across the world. They work in the entirety of Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and in North and South America.

The organization is particularly interested in propping and embracing new trends in education, such as online universities. Hurry up and acquire your own university online degree because it is quite possible with Fulbright.

However, we are going to talk about something different here. We’re talking about the Radboud University and its collaboration with the Fulbright Center.

The scholarship is intended at Dutch and American citizens and it is providing financial aid to the said segment of students. The course levels covered by the scholarship include BA, MA and PhD. There are no restrictions with regards to the subject matter as long as it is taught at the Radboud University.

Under the scholarship, students will benefit from several things, including:

  • Grant for one-year courses;
  • The grant is paid in 11 monthly instalments to the tune of EUR1,200;
  • Grants are also available for two-year courses;

Applicants of US nationality are eligible to apply. Prospective candidates also must be fluent in English, if their mother tongue is not that.

So what do online universities and university online degrees have to offer that could tempt you more than a hard-earned scholarship at a prestigious university? Well, little really! The perceived advantages of online education are really there, but if you have a chance to learn from the best in a real university environment, we advise you to not give it a moment’s thought and plunge bravely into the realms of higher learning.

Applicants must apply by October 6, 2017 and online. Make sure you follow through with the registration process and do not give up on the scholarship at a whim. It has a lot to offer, so much that no online university would make up for it. The Radboud University is waiting for you.

EUR1,200 Every Month in Scholarship Money

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